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There are about 150 different pokemon but not all are included in each of the sets, you can take a look at each set where you will find each pokemon in that set listed by number

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basic set 102 cards
basic set 2 130 cards
jungle set 64 cards
fossil set 62 cards
team rocket set 82 cards
neo (japanese)
aquapolis *new*
gym challenge
gym heroes
neo destiny
neo discovery
neo genesis
neo revelation

pokemon on video and dvd
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pokemon promo cards
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  • cd promos
  • prerelease promos
  • pikachu world collection
  • green quick starters
  • red-quick-starters
  • southern islands
  • vending series1
  • vending series2
  • vending series3
  • promo stars
  • video starters-bd
  • video starters (sd)
  • neo 1 promo cards
  • neo 2 promo cards
  • neo 3 promo cards
  • japanese neo promo set
  • jumbo cards
  • misc. promos

pokemon collector magazine
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check out the outer limits website featuring the monsters from the original outer limits series depicted on 50 trading cards

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